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You'll Also Discover How To Market Your Message To An Extremely
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Almost everyone has heard of the seven pillars of wisdom. You may not have understood their meaning but in a nut shell they are seven ways we can become wiser in the way we deal with things in our lives. I have decided to name our prominent VIP Day the 7 Pillar VIP Day as I will show you 7 ways critically needed to increase your business wisdom.

The 7 Life-Changing Benefits You’ll Experience When I Coach the Business and Marketing Strategies Out of You During Your VIP Day…

Throughout our VIP Day I listen very closely not only to your words, but to who you ARE. I help you capture your unique gift is, so you can share it with the world and translate that into a business you love (that’s also wildly profitable!)

1. Purpose: Discover how to make a living doing what you actually love

I’m committed to helping you identify your big reason why. This is the heart of your business and will keep your marketing message focused and clear.

I will help you identify which products and/or services make your heart sing while being exactly what your ideal clients and customers want. During your VIP Day you’ll see which offerings allow you and your business to thrive.

This will help you give your gifts to the world and live your passion while building a highly profitable business.

2. Focus: Walk away with a feasible, step-by-step growth plan

There are many (too many, unfortunately) marketing consultants out there that simply give you a cut-and-paste plan. Typically it’s something that worked in their particular situation and their particular industry, but those rubber-stamp plans will rarely work out for you.

That’s because you need a 100% customized plan adapted to you, your market, and how you want to design your life. I do not use these cookie cutter situations which inevitably end badly both for you and your clients.

When I work with you I have one ear listening to what you want in your life and business, and another ear listening to what your market will pay for. So the strategies and plans I map out with you are the perfect marriage between what you love and what will make you money.

3. Freedom: Time saving strategies so you’re able to experience more of your life with friends and family

Want more time with your family? Want to travel the world? Maybe spend your summers in Europe on an extended cruise? I help you structure your time better so you’re free to experience an extraordinary life beyond your business.

During valuable time together I will share with you simple time management strategies that will open up hours in your days.

Also, at the end of your VIP Day with me, I map out the next four quarters with you so you know what needs to happen and when. This will save you time and keep you focused on what will produce the fastest, most promising results.

4. Positioning: I’ll show you how to build your tribe

You will appreciate, as my past VIP Day clients have, my popular, and helpful, specialised instruction in how to construct a valuable layout of your website so it’s even more operative. I will give you personal introductions to the top VA’s, webmasters, and designers in the business. This will save you years of networking without the trial and error trying to find contacts that will support your business instead of creating a quagmire you may not recover from.

VIP Day Mapping: On our VIP Day I help you map out how to maximize your sales funnel including:

  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • How to build your list with a free giveaway
  • How to convert your list into paying clients and customers
  • How to leverage up-sells to make more per transaction
  • How to set up and use your shopping cart and merchant account

And much more…

5. Clarity: You’ll know exactly what to do next (and for years to come)

There’s no better feeling in business than knowing exactly what you need to do next. Better yet, knowing exactly which steps to take, and in what order, to give you the biggest results with the least amount of effort, (While avoiding all those time wasters!).

I’m well known for helping my clients get crystal clear about their entire business. This means no more guessing, no more trying things blindly, and no more confusion.

When you’re sitting next to me I’m going to help you “see the light.” I’ll show you exactly how you can generate the maximum profit with the least amount of work.

Ask my past clients and they’ll tell you one of my favourite sayings is, “Go for the lowest hanging fruit!” That means go for the simplest, easiest actions that generate the best results for you. (Chances are on our VIP Day I’m going to say the same to you at some point… and I’ll show you exactly how you can do that in your entire business.)

6. Creativity: I’ll show you how to design your business so you’re fully self-expressed

Let me guess – you’re creative. And chances are you use your business not only for profits, but also as a means of self-expression. I get it. I’m the same.

You’re in business to make a difference and share your message with the world. Of course you want the money too, but that’s not the only thing that drives you, right? There’s a deeper impulse that lives inside you.

Let me help you bring your full creativity into your business so it becomes part of your marketing message and offerings. I want to help you find your unique voice in your industry, because one of the top business killers is looking and sounding just like everyone else. Vanilla is great in ice cream, but being vanilla in your industry is terrible for your business.

Throughout our VIP Day I listen very closely not only to your words, but to who you ARE. I help you capture your unique gift is, so you can share it with the world and translate that into a business you love, (that’s also wildly profitable!).

7. Profits: Shortcut strategies to maximize income from your products and services

I’ll help you get out of your own way and see your products and services from the point of view of how your market sees what you offer. This is huge. Without this perspective, you might get trapped creating products and programs you THINK will sell, but end up being flops.

Here are just some of the ways I help you increase profits:

  • How to create info products for leveraged income (and which ones are right for you and your market)
  • How to craft just the right marketing message that easily attracts your ideal client, (and know WHO your ideal client really is)
  • How to create your “Signature Program” – your uniquely branded system that can turn into multiple products and services.
  • How to get as many clients and customers as you can handle with minimal cost and effort (It’s easier than you might think – and doesn’t even require a website.)

And much more…

I’ll customize your VIP Day to focus on those moneymaking strategies that will work best for you with the least amount of effort. (I’m a big believer in simple, but highly leveraged marketing strategies.)

Introducing My VIP Coaching Day

Coaching VIP Day

Coaching VIP Day

You’re invited to join me for a full day, one-on-one, in-person consultation. You’ll spend an entire day with me focused 100% on you and your business.

We can review anything you like during your visit – I tailor your experience to what you’d like to learn and accomplish for your business year ahead. I’ll help you to quickly move forward to the next phase of your business growth.

A VIP Day gives you a specific PLAN so you know exactly how to prioritize those projects that will make you an abundant living doing what you love.

I fully understand what it’s like to be a solo entrepreneur and small business owner, juggling 100 balls at a time. I have been in your position. I have created my own dynamic environment and I can help you prioritize which projects will get you ahead faster and with more profits. I’ll make sure you focus on what’s important, what will make you money, and what will make you happiest.

It’s incredibly helpful to have a professional outsider look in on your business. But not just any outsider… I’ve created dozens of products and managed multiple live events and product launches. I know how to create simple systems that make your life easier.

Just be ready, I’m not here to coddle you — I’m going to tell you what you need to know. I’m not afraid to give you constructive criticism. I won’t allow you to think small or mediocre.

Yes, we’re going to pack the day with tons of hands-on planning and implementing.

Roxane Small

Mark did an exceptional job on the recent project. Mark is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist - his ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. He has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. He denotes a strong experience in areas such as marketing and advertising.

Roxane Small, Social Media Manager
David Kathman

In the last six months of coaching, I've seen a 70% gross dollar production increase and a 100% net dollar increase. Best of all, I've joined the the country club of my dreams and played more golf in the last month that I did in the last three years!"

This is was definitely a lifestyle change.

David Kathman
Mike Smity

I was skeptical about professional coaching until I tried it and it worked! When I first started coaching with Mark Sumpter, my business depended on work referred by other partners in my practice. I wanted to develop into a cornerstone partner of my firm, while at the same time balancing my family life with a husband and two children under the age of seven. I exceeded my goals through Mark's coaching, growing my annual client list and fees from $110,000 to almost $370,000.

I could not have done this without Mark's help. Mark has coached me through my resistance to engage in business marketing activities. Working with Mark made me think "wider" and develop a more successful business.

Mike Smity

How Your VIP Day Will Work

  • 1

    One Week Prior: Strategy Session Phone Call

    We start with a Strategy Session phone call about a week before your VIP Day we’ll have an in-depth 50-minute phone call. We’ll start your strategy planning on this call and continue when we’re in-person together.

  • 2

    Arrival: You arrive at least the day before

    I will provide you a list of recommended hotels in a variety of price ranges. You should plan to stay at least 2 nights. Of course you can stay longer and experience all Kansas City offers – I recommend you do!

  • 3

    Start time: We’ll start around 9:30am

    Typically, the first half of the day is spent getting all the ideas out on the table. I’ll ask you many clarifying questions. The whole time I’m starting to link all the different parts of your business: your market, your offerings, your goals, your lifestyle, your hopes and dreams.
    Almost always, by the time we break for lunch, it’s obvious what your lowest hanging fruit is. I see your entire plan mapped out in front of you… and it’s the optimum way for you to leverage your passion along with what your market will pay for.

  • 4

    Break time: I treat you to lunch

    There are a couple wonderful restaurants within walking distance with all types of food. (And if you’re on a special diet, we’ll accommodate you.) Over lunch we relax and you rest your excited brain (because you’ll start to get very energized by what we’ve mapped out up to this point.)

  • 5

    Your Success Blueprint: The second half of the day

    After we’ve had some great food and fresh air, it’s back to work. The second half of the day is typically when we now drill down to the details of your success business blueprint. I’ll work on flip chart paper and/or on my computer to map out with you all the details of your business strategy.

This usually includes:

  • Specific goals and projects broken down for the next our quarters
  • Your entire website sales funnel (traffic, list building, sales, etc.)
  • Your offline business building strategies (along with a schedule of what happens when)
  • Who your ideal client really is (and what they most what to buy)
  • All of your product and service offerings {We’ll identify all your products and/or services for all price points appropriate for your business.)
  • How to maximize income (we plan the easiest ways for you to boost your income including upsells, rate increases, increasing the frequency people buy from you, and much more.)
  • How to boost your cash flow as soon as possible – starting the day after your VIP Day.

And much more…

I work that day as long as you need. Typically, my clients like to wrap up by 6:30pm so they can go soak in the ocean or get a spa treatment to let everything we covered in the day integrate.

  • 6

    Follow Up: My guidance doesn’t end with the day

    A week or two after our VIP Day you and I will hop on the phone to go over any questions and fine-tune your plan. I’m also available for emails and short chats, as you need them. This is great because as you start to take action on your plan, questions will probably come up. I’m here for you to guide you along the way.

Who This VIP Private Coaching Day Is For?

A VIP Day isn’t right for everybody. Because I spend an entire DAY with you, I insist you meet a few requirements…You need to have at least 3 years of business experience under your belt. (This can be running your own business or from corporate experience. The VIP Day isn’t for you if you’re new to business.)

  • You need to know, at least generally, what your niche is. (The VIP Day isn’t right for you if you have no idea what type of business you want to build.)
  • You already have some (or a lot!) of business successes. You know what it really takes to become successful… focused and strategic work. You know this is true from first-hand experience.
  • You’re ready and committed to think bigger.
  • To be considered for a VIP Coaching Day, you are required to complete a short application. I’ll review the application to make sure the VIP Day is a good fit for you now.

If you do not meet these criterion I do have other programs which may be more suitable at this time for you, and if you are already approaching me in regards to a VIP Coaching Day I am confident, one day, you will attend but in the meantime I will give you my honest opinion if you are not there quite yet.


Once approved, you can pay in full or in 2 payments. All payments must be made in advance of our VIP Day.

Your total investment for the VIP Day is $15,000. Your travel and hotel stay is separate and is your responsibility.

I know this opportunity isn’t for everybody. It’s only for those who are serious about doubling; tripling, even quadrupling their income quickly, while building more freedom into their lives.

If you implement just a couple of the dozens of strategies and plans we’ll create together, you’ll very likely get back much more than you invest for the day.

If you’re ready to take your take your lifestyle and income to the next level, apply here…

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