Mike Smity

I exceeded my goals through Mark’s coaching, growing my annual client list and fees from $110,000 to almost $370,000.

I could not have done this without Mark’s help.

Mike Smity

Renegade Nation 4-Tier Coaching Membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

Renegade Nation Silver

Renegade Nation Silver was created for all levels of entrepreneurs and those who are ready to make the leap to becoming one. This is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Mark and his teachings at a very affordable rate. You’ll enjoy monthly group phone calls with Mark highlighting marketing and success topics designed to move your life and business forward. Online digital audio recordings of each call are included as well. Membership in Renegade Nation Silver is only $9.97 per month.

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Renegade Nation Gold

Renegade Nation Gold was created for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level -- at no to little cost! This coaching program covers some of Mark’s best marketing and business strategies along with LIVE coaching at a very affordable rate. Best of all, the Gold programming focuses on no-cost to low-cost strategies you can start implementing immediately in your business. Membership in Renegade Nation Gold starts at only $247 per month.

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Renegade Nation Platinum

Renegade Nation Platinum was created for entrepreneurs who are still in growth stages-whether they have an existing business or are considering a start-up. Platinum comprises a proven curriculum that is designed to transform a business from the traditional hours-for-dollars model to one that generates multiple streams of income based on the proven online system developed by founder Mark Sumpter. Training and coaching is delivered via phone, Internet, and exclusive live in-person retreats. Learn more about this tier by joining us on April 23rd-25th, 2015 for a 3-day live event (This event is a prerequisite to applying for this level).

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Renegade Nation Diamond

This level is for top achievers. We offer the Diamond tier of Renegade Nation Coaching. Diamond is for those who have already reached a six-figure income and are ready to leap to a seven-figure business with accelerated speed. This small and ultra-exclusive group receives the ultimate in personalized attention, one-on-one coaching, and strategic business planning from Mark Sumpter’s all-star team of experts. Training and coaching is delivered via phone, Internet, and exclusive live in-person retreats. Annual membership in the Diamond tier of Renegade Nation Coaching is currently $26,000.

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The Choice Is Yours...

Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond? No matter which tier at Renegade Success Coach you choose, you’ll be privy to private benefits, stellar services, insightful coaching, powerful strategies, and practical training designed to give both your business and your life a serious advantage. Joining Renegade Nation at any level, is simply a one-of-a-kind and once in a lifetime opportunity. Here’s your opportunity to gift yourself with the ultimate support in growing your business on every level.